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We strive for excellence in cloud-based service delivery.
Our main advantage is a fast adoption of best technologies while monitoring customers needs.

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AlwaysOn Cloud Office

First of all AlwaysOn CloudOffice solutions ensure business continuity even to smallest customers. While using AlwaysOn Cloud Office,  you have access your information all the time. Furthermore we support either “Bring Your Own Device” or “Desktop As A Service” concepts. As a result the data in is always accessible, secured and properly backed up.  Probably you will find out that while using our services you don’t need a server at all.   Cloud-based office can and will deliver everything you need.

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Disaster Recovery Plans

Due to transition from conventional to virtual server environments disaster recovery plans are much more affordable than ever before. Same for small and medium-sized businesses.  We are using Veeam Backup technology for our Veeam Cloud Connect Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service options. VMware vCloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are also used as part of the disaster recovery plan. You can also rent us for consulting disaster recovery options.

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IT Outsourcing and Cloud

Modern IT environments demand maximum output for minimum input. Using cloud-based computing allows you to back up your IT environment and ensure high availability for most critical services. Either you need IT outsourcing or cloud computing services we can help you with a broad portfolio and extensive support. For EU market we are operating with data centres in Slovenia , Croatia and UK using  VMware vCloud platform. For other continents we are using Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS platforms.

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